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    Do you really need an Agent?
    As with any contracted service, do you prefer to do the work yourself or hire a professional?

    Handling your own sale means you are responsible for:

  • Placing advertising
  • Paying for advertising
  • Answering phone calls
  • Screening all calls
  • Scheduling appointments & inspections
  • Negotiating your price
  • & showing your home to strangers

    You may find a professional is a bargain if you are not fond of preparing & editing legally binding paperwork. Here are some advantages a professional agent offers:

  • They eliminate buyers who will not qualify for a mortgage.
  • They help establish a fair asking price for your home.
  • They design, cover expenses, & place advertising for you.
  • They refer you to sources for insurance, inspections, legal counsel & financing.
  • They negotiate with the buyer. Without an agent, buyers who sense you are inexperienced in real estate transactions may offer less for your home.
  • They schedule appointments [with your permission] to show your home to prospective buyers even when you are not there.
  • They promote your home to other agents & list your property in a database accessible only to real estate agents, representing pre-approved potential buyers.

    Qualifying a Buyer

    A number of factors will help determine whether or not you are wasting your time negotiating a sale.

  • The buyer's debt and credit history
  • The buyer's current income and employment
  • The buyer's cash position and availability of a down payment
  • The length of time the buyer needs before closing on your home
  • How interested the buyer appears to be in your home versus others

    The commission rates vary, depending on what agency you choose, but it is generally upwards of 5%. Interview agents before picking one. Choose one you are most comfortable working with. Tour your home with an agent. This should give you a feel for how they will handle prospective buyers. Don't sign with an agent just because he or she suggests the highest asking price. Negotiate the broker's commission prior to listing your home, and sign for a limited period of time -- usually three to twelve months.

  • Setting a Fair Price

    You want top dollar for your home. At the same time, you don't want to discourage potential buyers with an unrealistic price tag. Setting an inflated price may cause your property to linger on the market for months, reducing your asking price at a later date. This may lead buyers to wonder if there are potential complications with your home. Here are some factors to consider when pricing your home.

  • Location
  • Economic conditions
  • Potential repairs
  • Supply & demand in the local housing market
  • Local schools
  • Average home prices in the neighborhood
  • Your home's extras -- pool, fireplace, central air, etc.

    When determining the value of your home, you need the advice of a real estate agent or appraiser. As each property varies, an agent can help you adjust for the unique features of your property.

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